Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019 – 2020 & Tips

How to Rang website by Ping Submission Sites


You can ping the directories every time, and when you create new content, the search engine will be able to know the value of your new keywords and its value.

The search engine will then tie the list of your new content effectively.

The search engine will then crawl and index your new content effectively to list and index lists so that you are able to get ahead in your targeted traffic as quickly as possible.

The Pagot website is also a website where you have been able to make directories, which will make it easy to do the whole work in the present time.

If you are having frequent problems indexing your site or your blog posts on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then using ping submission sites is the best solution for you.

Now you have a question in mind, why the Ping submission site?

ping submission websites help you advance and rank your site by alerting Google or any other major search engine on your site or any new posts to your site.

And when Google does your site notice or “pinged” a new blog or article post on your site, it indexes it.

This is why ping submission websites are very helpful for those who have to face problems frequently to index their site or post in Google or any other search engine.

Get the list of the best free ping submission sites from all and it can use it too much for your web site, blog posts, and even backlinks.

Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019 - 2020 & Tips

What is pinging and ping submission sites?

Pinging is a working system that helps you search engines, web directories, new websites, feed and aggregator websites, indexing your site, posts, and backlinks.

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Ping submission website allows users to register their blogs, websites, and backlinks to the main blog engine and directory by simply entering URLs and related keywords.

Later, these Ping Submissions sites keep informing all types of major search engines and directories about your new content and backlinks.

It also improves your SEO and SERP ranking and keeps on increasing the organic traffic coming to your web site.

And ping submission sites are those sites which also help in the process of pinging.

All you have to do here is submit your web URL to the ping sites you want to index.

And within a short time, it will be indexed in search engines, news websites, web directories, and feed websites.

In order to ping your web URL or to submit your URL to these sites, you will need to use the free pumping submission sites listed in this list to enable you to rank your site.

This ping submission list is absolutely free that will help you to index your web URL very quickly.

Free Ping Submission Sites List (High PA, DA and MozRank)
Sr no.Web SitePADA
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Free Directory Submission

Free Article directory

Submission Sites – Have done a search for something – such as article submission websites by pr or article directory websites by PageRank – and comparable searches, and gotten a lot and a lot of outcomes? I’m going to tell – you a few guidelines you might use to readily find article websites on one’s own.

Ok, now that everybody is on the same – page after you receive those outcomes you might be thinking about, something such as that – website is best or that website has the best list of informative article submission websites or even that website lists all the directories? Well, if you want a simpler way to take out the guesswork from this type of queries, will provide you 3 hints to follow to accomplish this task. 

Step – 1 Install Google Toolbar

This is just for the aim of getting the EXACT PageRank number of a – web site, based on Googles PageRank system. Once you have installed the toolbar.

And more than likely had to restart the browser, that the toolbar will now be installed. Now, using the default preferences pr is already permitted on the toolbar, therefore look – in your toolbar and the fifth icon from the Google search box is your Google PageRank bar.

At any time you hover on that the PageRank bar – a PR number from 10 will appear allowing you to know the PageRank of an internet website. 

To test it out, go to EzineArticles and when the page loads, hover over the – PageRank bar, and at the time of this article you will notice the PageRank is – 6/10.

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If you are want to try more sites, go to – ahead, even go back to the Google toolbar site link and you will see that the – PageRank is 7/10, pretty cool, right? Well, that’s enough testing, time for – that the next tip.

Step 2 Google Directory – If you’re not using Google Directory, it could be time to start. Basically. Its a very simple way to find comparable sites which are listed based on that the category – they best fit into. 

Therefore, in this case, we would like all sites which are listed in that the – Google Directory which is most prone to deal with article submissions.

Head on to Google Directory by – typing directory to the Google internet search engine, it’ll typically be the first – link, so simply click that link to head there.

Next, do a search for an informative article – submission. On the results page, under each link to a your website, you will see –

Category: Directory >sub directory >. Subdirectory > etc.

Tips Click this link, and you should be at – Business > Publishing and Printing >. Publishing > Services > Free Your Content – which is here. If you didn’t would like to click through each category.


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